What is a Western Bathrooms Air-Spa?

What is a Western Bathrooms Air-Spa?

Almost any of our range of baths can be converted to a Western Bathrooms Air-Spa – check out our New 2019 Brochure brochure for details

A Western Bathrooms Air-Spa is a Western Bathrooms bath upgraded in our factory at the time of manufacture through Simple Sophistication by adding a Warm Air Blower, pipework and a control unit.

The system operates by blowing warm air through small air jets strategically positioned on the base of the bath to create a massaging turbulence throughout the bathing area.

Unlike the Western Bathrooms Whirlpool System, the water is not circulated through pipework outside of the bath.

Please note as the jets are located on the base it is not suitable for baths with non-slip patterns incorporated in their design.